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SquaredUp for SCOM

New data integrations, PowerShell tile and visualizations

Current Version: 5.1 - 10/5/2021


What's New in SquaredUp for SCOM v5.1

Read the full Release Notes here

SquaredUp for SCOM v5.1 includes the following new features:

  • Two new data integrations: Splunk and Elasticsearch
  • PowerShell tile: visualise any metrics
  • Status visualisations for external data sources
  • New visualisations for the SQL tile

New data integrations: Splunk and Elasticsearch

The new Splunk and Elasticsearch data integrations provide a consistent dashboarding experience to pro-actively visualise your log data. An intuitive point-and-click configuration wizard lets you import and visualise your saved queries from Splunk or Elasticsearch. Paste any query or write your own query in the Query DSL or SPL language. Queries support contextual variables so you can visualise your Splunk or Elasticsearch data dynamically on SCOM perspectives.

See How to use the Elasticsearch tile and How to use the Splunk tile

New PowerShell tile to visualise any metrics

Available out of the box, with no setup required, PowerShell visualisations let you connect to any data sources, display any metrics or build custom metrics on the fly. PowerShell scripting is incredibly powerful, and the possibilities in SquaredUp are endless (e.g. correlate and aggregate results from multiple APIs, visualise local log files, and more!).

Leverage PowerShell modules to visualise performance metrics that are not easily available via an API (e.g. VMWare). Create your own profiles to store any PowerShell script that you want to execute across different tiles as the first part of your script, such as connection scripts to 3rd party tools, or to load a PowerShell module.

See How to use the PowerShell tile

New status visualisations for external data sources

Beautiful status visualisations provide an at-a-glance view of your most essential metrics to help turn complex metrics into easy to consume dashboards for stakeholders. The new status visualisations are available for most data sources (e.g. Web API, PowerShell, SQL, Log Analytics, Splunk, Elasticsearch). They are configurable both in terms of look and feel (e.g. blocks/list, dynamic labels, etc) and logic. Use the status logic to easily map a status field from your data source, combine multiple values from your data sources, and add custom calculations to generate your own statuses. Click to drill out to the corresponding object in your external tool.

New visualisations for the SQL tile

The SQL tile now includes the full suite of visualisations: Bar Graph, Donut, Line Graph, Scalar, Sparklines, Grid, Status Icons and Blocks.

See How to use the SQL tile

More information

To get started see How to install SquaredUp for SCOM.

Read the Release Notes for details on other improvements in this release.

For information about upgrading see How to upgrade SquaredUp for SCOM.