Product Releases

SquaredUp for SCOM

Log Analytics visualizations, Dark Theme, new Performance Report, and ServiceNow tile

Current Version: 4.5.1 - 2/3/2020


Read the full Release Notes here

Where to find your v4 activation key

SquaredUp v4 is a major new release that brings significant updates to the dashboarding fundamentals, as well as introducing a brand new Enterprise Application model to SCOM. Upgrading to SquaredUp v4 will firstly enable you to deliver a greater array of dashboards to an even wider audience, and secondly deliver a true enterprise application monitoring solution for your organisation.

Dashboarding Fundamentals

Enterprise Applications

Read more about What's New in SquaredUp for SCOM v4, the full Release Notes, and How to install SquaredUp.

If you have a previous version of SquaredUp for SCOM, see Migrating from previous versions and Where to find your v4 activation key