Product Releases

SquaredUp for SCOM

New ServiceNow tile, improved VADA support and performance improvements

Current Version: 4.8.1 - 5/10/2020


Read the full Release Notes here

Where to find your v4 activation key

SquaredUp v4 is a major new release that brings significant updates to the dashboarding fundamentals, as well as introducing a brand new Enterprise Application model to SCOM. Upgrading to SquaredUp v4 will firstly enable you to deliver a greater array of dashboards to an even wider audience, and secondly deliver a true enterprise application monitoring solution for your organisation.

Dashboarding Fundamentals

Enterprise Applications

  • Enterprise Application Designer
  • Application availability monitoring
  • Custom PowerShell based availability monitoring
  • Manual availability reporting
  • Enterprise Application dashboards and SLA reporting
  • Next-generation VADA mapping
  • Node connection monitoring

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If you have a previous version of SquaredUp for SCOM, see Migrating from previous versions and Where to find your v4 activation key