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Dashboard Server

Easy, real-time visualizations of any data.

Current Version: 5.0.5 - 8/3/2021


Dashboard Server is a dashboard tool that’s quick to implement, easy to set up, and effortless to maintain. Dashboard Server functions independently of SCOM and Azure and introduces a new PowerShell tile so you can dashboard virtually any data.

Watch these introductory videos and visit our website for more details.

Visit the SquaredUp Knowledge Base for installation information and full documentation.

Connect to any data source

  • Web API - Pull data from external web sources and display data from any API
  • SQL - Visualise data from SQL databases using standard queries.
  • PowerShell – endlessly extend with metrics from any source using PowerShell

Native Data Integrations

Elasticsearch and Azure Log integrations tiles with intuitive point-and-click tile configuration.

Visualise your data

Comprehensive range of data visualisations for creating amazing dashboards; Bar Graph, Donut, Line Graph, Scalar, Sparklines, Grid, Status Icons and Blocks.

Unlimited Dashboards

Create unlimited dashboards and share them with everyone in your organisation using Open Access.

Download now & more information

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