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Dashboard Server

New visualisations available for the Elasticsearch, PowerShell and SQL tiles

Current Version: 5.2 - 23/7/2021


What’s New in SquaredUp Dashboard Server v5.2

Read the full Release Notes here

Dashboard Server v5.2 includes the following new features:

  • PowerShell tile enhancements
  • New visualisations for Splunk
  • Public GitHub Samples repository

PowerShell enhancements

The hugely popular PowerShell visualisation tiles have been enhanced in this release to provide script execution controls and security configuration:

  • Create your own Run As accounts for improved security.
  • Configure script execution interval to independently control the load on your external data sources.
  • All visualisation scripts now run inside their own child process for increased robustness, with the ability to choose the execution environment (.NET Framework or .NET Core) for each script independently depending on the version of PowerShell your script is written.

See How to use the PowerShell tile

New Splunk visualisations

The Splunk tile now includes a full range of visualisations: Bar Graph, Donut, Line Graph, Scalar, Sparklines, Grid, Status Icons and Blocks.

See How to use the Splunk tile

GitHub Samples

A new public GitHub repository has been published, that contains sample dashboards and scripts, is now available and accessible from within the SquaredUp application. The GitHub repository is opened to contributions from the community. Browse the repository for dashboard ideas and various scripts to help you make the most of SquaredUp. From SolarWinds and Log Analytics dashboards to purpose-built SQL and PowerShell scripts, be sure to take a look at the growing list of samples and contribute your own creations!

See GitHub Samples repository

More information

To get started see How to install Dashboard Server

Read the full Release Notes for details on other improvements in this release.

For a step-by-step guide on how to update your Dashboard Server deployment to the latest version, see How to upgrade SquaredUp for Dashboard Server.