Management Packs

SquaredUp Cloud Extension MP


The SquaredUp Cloud Extension Management Pack forms part of EAM-X which is a new tier of SquaredUp SCOM Edition that is powered by SquaredUp Cloud – our next gen dashboarding platform. SquaredUp Cloud is a SaaS-based application that plugs into any data, wherever it lives, and surfaces it one place. With 50+ native plugins (and many more coming) it allows you to easily surface any data from your Data Center or Cloud platforms such as VMware, Citrix, Solarwinds, Nagios, Azure Monitor, AWS Cloud Watch, Dynatrace, Prometheus, Kubernetes – you name it.

High-level health rollups from SquaredUp Cloud can be brought into SCOM, significantly extending SCOM visibility. Everything will flow through into SCOM and your SquaredUp dashboards, so you’ll continue to get drilldowns, Open Access dashboards, and reporting on top of the unified object model in SCOM.

Management Pack Contents


Three views are included in the Monitoring Pane, all three views are under the SquaredUp Cloud folder.

  • Dashboards - State view of all discovered dashboards
  • Tiles - State view of all discovered tiles
  • Workspace - State view of all discovered workspaces


  • SquaredUp Cloud Connector Pool
  • SquaredUp Cloud Monitor
    - Represents a Monitor with state calculation performed in SquaredUp Cloud
  • SquaredUp Cloud Dashboard
  • SquaredUp Cloud Workspace
  • SquaredUp Cloud Dashboard Tile
  • SquaredUp Cloud Node
    - Abstract base class for Dashboards, Workspaces, and Monitors
  • Two group singletons holding objects based on if monitoring is enabled
    - Has SquaredUp Cloud Health
    - Not Monitored by SquaredUp Cloud


Read the installation instructions in our knowledge base article.

Current Version: - 2024-05-22 - previous versions